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Happy 2012 everybody, hope you all had a blast. I know I did. My new year resolution is to pay off the rest of our credit cards by the end of 2012, and so far, we are right on track. We’re trying to save up for a down payment on a house in the process so it’s tough but I think we can manage. I know the rule about paying off all your debts first before saving but it doesn’t hurt to have some kind of emergency funds right? We decided to not use our credit cards at all if possible(easier said than done) and rely more on the debit card to keep our debts under control.

Lisa @ Cents To Save presents 2011 Goals: Pass or Fail

 Shaun @ Money Cactus presents 10 Things to Live by for 2012

Penny Pinching Professional presents Career Fairs(part III)

Maria @ Money Principle presents Instead of New Year’s Resolution

Pam @ Money Trail presents Teaching Your Kids About Money: Jan. Edition

Average Joe @ The Free Financial Advisor presents Disability Insurance Optional? I Think Not. – Our Boner of the Week

Miss T presents How to Garden over Winter: Key Strategies for Success

Aloysa @ My Broken Coin presents What I Am Changing for 2012

YFS presents 7 Resume Tips That Will Get You A Job

Ultimate Smart Money presents 2012 The Year of Dragon

Good luck to all of you in 2012!

What are your resolutions? Goals? Changes?

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Monday is here again to start off the new week. It’s amazing how fast time goes by as you grow older don’t you think? I remember when I was younger back in grade school, the year would drag on for so long. It was like time was standing still, and there were no bills to worry about and no work to stress over. How I miss those good old days. Okay enough reminiscence, here are some of my top picks of the week.

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Hope you guys are having a great Thanksgiving week, I know I did. Still not over yet though because there’s more to come this weekend! I am actually at work right now(yes I know) and I thought I’d put together a quick round up of some of the week’s must read articles. If you’re not on here, please don’t take it personal, just let me know through the Contact Form next time.

Corey @ 20sFinances presents How Being Thankful Affects your Finances

YFS @ YourFinancesSimplified presents Saving Money on your Day to Day Bills

Marissa @ ThirtySixMonths presents Black Friday/Cyber Monday

Miss T @ Prairieecothrifter presents How to Save Money on Water Costs

Maria @ Themoneyprinciple presents If You Fall in Debt, Would it be Forver…

Shaun @ Themoneycactus presents How to Follow Through on Your Thoughts, Achieve Goals and Kick Ass

Krantcents presents Planning for Your Next Career

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Hey guys, welcome to another edition of the round-up. Ever since the wedding I got a little side tracked but not to worry, I’m back in full swing.  If you want to be featured in the round-up, just submit using the Contact form on top so I can have it all organized. I will keep this going as long as people still wants some link juice.

This goes out to the A-Team too :D, I figured I’m not going to included everybody on the team, ONLY those who submit. If you want your article to be included, let me know.

1. Kevin @ DebtEye presents How to Get Rid of Credit Card Debt

2. Jeff Ross @ Goodfinancialcents presents How Being a Quitter and a Dropout Made Me More Successful

3. YFS @ Yourfinancessimplified presents Is Raising a Dog like Raising a Child?

4. Dr. Dean @ Themillionairnurse presents Banks: Changing Over Charges?

5. Tony Chou @ Investorzblog presents Your Greatest Enemy is Yourself

6. KrantCents presents How Will You Measure Your Life

7. Sustainable PF presents How to Save for Retirement: Pay Yourself First

8. SB @ onecentatatime presents Living Well on Less Than 10,000 a Year: Habits of Skilled Visa Workers

9. Jeremy Waller @ Personalfinancewhiz presents How to Grocery Shop on a Budget

10. Kyle Taylor @ Thepennyhoarder presents How to be on a Gameshow (18 Shows Looking for Contestants)

11. FMF @ Freemoneyfinance presents Best Cash Back Credit Cards

Great job on these articles guys!

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TheMillionairNurse Financial Follies: Buffet Buys Tech Edition

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Hi guys, hope I didn’t make you wait too long for an updated post. I’ve been so busy with the wedding, honeymoon, and moving to a new place, really haven’t had time to post anything up. Not to worry, I will have to redo my posting schedule so that it’s more convenient for me and not be so stress out or else I’ll burn out :) Anyways, here’s a newly updated round-up of the week for you all!

Jen at Mastertheartofsaving presents Coupons & Samples & Checks…oh my! October 2011

Corey at 20sFinances presents What Would You do With Extra Income?

Matt at Financialexcellence presents Mystery Shopping and Other Extra Income Opportunities

Miss T at Prairieecothrifter presents Ways for Busy Parents to Teach Young Children about Money

MoneyforCollegeProject presents Planning for Retirement at Age 26

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Taking advice from some of the members, I’ve decided to keep this thing going for a little longer. Here are some of the fabulous articles of the week, have a great weekend guys!

Miss T presents Make Your Own Beauty Products – Sick of spending a small fortune on beauty products when you’re not even sure what’s in them half the time? Have a go at making your own beauty treatments! You can make some quick and easy beauty treats using ingredients that you’ve already got at home.

Jen @ Master the Art of Saving presents Buying the Cow When You Can get the Milk for Free – Sometimes it just makes sense to buy the cow even when you can get the milk for free. Other times, we just make ourselves look silly or wasteful. Like how I only drink bottled water…my picky habits cost us money.

John Border presents How does 401k Work – The article helps put in perspective how does 401k work and the advantages and disadvantages of investing 401k.

Jacob @ My Personal Finance Journey presents Professional Liability Insurance – Is it Something You Really Need?  – In today’s sue-happy society, it’s essential that we safeguard ourselves against the financial loss that can happen if a lawsuit is brought against your business. One possible way to protect yourself is by making sure you have business insurance. This post examines the risk landscape in today’s society in an attempt to help you determine whether or not business liability insurance is right for you.

yourfinancessimplified presents I Am the Credit Card King – Of my $336,100 in total available credit, I have used only $5,920.14.  I should really say I have used zero since the balance is paid off in full every month.  But, credit report updates work in 30 day arrears and my last statement balance was $5,920.14. 


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Here’s another week’s round up for you guys, not as many people would like to be included as I had planned. I guess this might be the last round-up for awhile and back to my drawing board. Here are some great reads for this week though, hope you guys enjoy and have a great weekend!

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Another week has come and gone, and boy it is fast when you’re having fun don’t you think? I posted in the Yakezie forum and also on the Home page of this site that I will be doing  a round-up for all Yakezie members and challengers every Friday. So go ahead and use the Contact Form along with the link to your best article of the week to be featured here, These are some great posts guys, keep them coming if you want to keep me busy!

  •  Miss T at  Prairie Eco-Thrifter wants you to live a happy and sustainable lifestyle with How to Embrace a Sustainable Living Lifestyle 
  • John Border at Stockmarketbasics says buying gold etf is the best way to invest in gold without the hassles of buying physical gold. Plus, Gold is a must thing to have in your portfolio with Best Gold Etf
  • Super Frugalette presents Lesson from Business School: No Debt MBA is Beginning the Journey Persistent is key! “You can’t go through life quitting everything.  If you’re going to achieve anything, you’ve got to stick with something.”
  • Corey at 20sFinances says Goodbye to the University Meal Plan. Cutting back on your university meals and eating habits can save you a ton of money especially when you’re in college.
  • Funancials presents The Double Standard of Car Buying. “I ask you for $20,000. A second after you sign on the dotted line, this investment will be worth $15,000; a year later $14000. Your investment value will continue to diminish each and every year…”
  • Buck Inspire presents Can You Walk Away Jerry Yang? “…The ability to walk away is critical for everything you face in life. Whether it is running a business, investing in the stock market, or shopping for real estate….”
  • Kyle Tayler at ThePennyHoarder shares How to Win $1,000’s Entering Pet Photo Contests “…Pet photo contests are a great way to make extra money and even though I don’t have any real photo talents, I do have an adorable dog that is more than willing to pose whenever the time calls for it…”
  • SB at OneCentatatime presents the Real War of the Reel World: Netflix vs. Blockbuster – The Fight Goes On “…It’s now Blockbuster’s turn to fight back in the DVD rental wars. Once defeated, Blockbuster got a fresh start when DISH Network bought it (only after its huge debts were written off due to bankruptcy)…”


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I wanted to do a little random pot luck of articles I’ve found during the week that deserves a place in everybody’s minds. Without  further adieu, here are the followings:

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