As social networking has become more and more popular, there has been a surge in potential and current employers as well as new acquaintances performing routine internet searches on people.  As more people share information online, this has resulted in the need for professional reputation management services which can help improve damaged online reputations.

 A company offering reputation management reviews the current state of a client’s online reputation, prior to making any recommendations.  This allows them to show the client exactly how they are currently being seen by the rest of the world.

 A reputation management company can/will target specific websites or social media networks which are damaging the client’s reputation or professional standing.  Finally, the management company will identify ways in which the client can take a more active role in building a positive online reputation.

 Understanding the Problem

An online reputation is something that can easily affect a person’s offline persona.  Whether it’s developing a negative reputation among co-workers, or having acquaintances develop the wrong impression because of a public online disagreement, the crossover can be damaging.  It may be due to comments posted or unflattering images seen by co-workers; either way, if damage is caused it needs to be put right as soon as possible.  By consulting with a professional you’ll be able to see exactly what is being made public about you and your life.   Chances are, you may not even realize just how public your private life really is.

Damage Control and planning for the Future

Once you understand the problem it will be possible to take down some of the damaging material. You will also be able to increase the number of websites which project a better image.  It may take time to both repair your reputation and begin to build a better one, but it’s time well spent.   Developing and maintaining a good online reputation can also help with future education plans when you choose to pursue a business or IT security degree at a prestigious school where they screen candidates based, in part, on internet searches.

Choosing the Right Help

Once you’ve determined if you do need professional help with your online reputation, it’s time to find the right company to offer the services you need.  There are a number of companies which can help with online reputation management.  It’s important to choose one which has received good reputation management reviews and which has experience working specifically with online reputation management.

 Check out their websites and see how they approach different situations.  These companies will usually offer an initial consultation at no charge, so take the time to interview them as you would any high end service provider. In so doing you will ensure you get the best quality service for your money.  Companies such as will initially assess your reputation and show you how you’re image is being portrayed to the rest of the world.

 With online reputations meaning more and more these days, it’s important to understand what your own online reputation says about you and how to fix it if needed.  Working with a qualified and professional reputation management service will allow you to see the big picture in terms of your overall reputation, and develop a plan for ways to improve and maintain it into the future.

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2 Responses to Does Your Online Reputation Need Professional Help?

  1. krantcents says:

    If you are in business your online reputation is everything. Even if you are not, your online activities can catch up with you during an interview or background check.

  2. Definitely a good idea if you are in a high powered job or industry. Your online reputation will be scrutinized and no one wants to fail to get a great job because of some random comment or post.

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