Hey guys, welcome to another edition of the round-up. Ever since the wedding I got a little side tracked but not to worry, I’m back in full swing.  If you want to be featured in the round-up, just submit using the Contact form on top so I can have it all organized. I will keep this going as long as people still wants some link juice.

This goes out to the A-Team too :D, I figured I’m not going to included everybody on the team, ONLY those who submit. If you want your article to be included, let me know.

1. Kevin @ DebtEye presents How to Get Rid of Credit Card Debt

2. Jeff Ross @ Goodfinancialcents presents How Being a Quitter and a Dropout Made Me More Successful

3. YFS @ Yourfinancessimplified presents Is Raising a Dog like Raising a Child?

4. Dr. Dean @ Themillionairnurse presents Banks: Changing Over Charges?

5. Tony Chou @ Investorzblog presents Your Greatest Enemy is Yourself

6. KrantCents presents How Will You Measure Your Life

7. Sustainable PF presents How to Save for Retirement: Pay Yourself First

8. SB @ onecentatatime presents Living Well on Less Than 10,000 a Year: Habits of Skilled Visa Workers

9. Jeremy Waller @ Personalfinancewhiz presents How to Grocery Shop on a Budget

10. Kyle Taylor @ Thepennyhoarder presents How to be on a Gameshow (18 Shows Looking for Contestants)

11. FMF @ Freemoneyfinance presents Best Cash Back Credit Cards

Great job on these articles guys!

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11 Responses to The Hung articles of the week round up #5

  1. AngryByte says:


  2. krantcents says:

    Thanks for the link, I am in very god company.

  3. Dr Dean says:

    thanks for including me, and belated congrats on the wedding. Married life is good!

  4. I read a few of these. They were great articles.

    How was the wedding anyways? Did you remember to have fun?

  5. Nice list. A few of these had previously escaped my attention – I am off to read them now!

  6. YFS says:

    Thank you for the mention! I will include you in my Lazy Sunday Wrap up

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